Distance Learning Center


What are the functions of the Centre for Educational Technology?
The Center for Educational Technologies (CET) performs only service functions - provides support and access to the system for distance learning. CET is not empowered to decide problems related to educational content, student status, consultations and more.

Who conducts the training?
The training in each Master program (MP) in distance form is conducted by the faculties of the University, according to established in the university training documentation.

When can I apply?
The admission for master programs in distance learning is 2 times a year – for the winter semester until the end of September and for the summer semester - until the end of February.

What is the necessary success to be accepted into a master program in distance learning?
To be admitted to the MP in distance learning is necessary to have an university education (bachelor degree).

What materials will be obtained by the students after enrollment in the distance learning?
After enrollment you will get access to all courses for the current semester. The training materials are in electronic form and published in the software system for distance learning.

How do I get access to the training materials for the next semester?
Access to the materials will be granted after the payment of the semester fee. Before the start of each semester is determined deadline for submission of payment documents to the inspector of the specialty.

When do the exams start?
The first exam dates are announced not earlier than one month after the beginning of the semester.

Who determines the schedule for exams?
The schedule is developed by the respective faculty at the proposal of teachers, after that it is published in the distance education system.

How many dates are announced for each discipline?
According to the General Regulations of the University for each discipline are announced two dates (regular and supplementary) and one additional date, which is in September. You have the right to attend any of the announced dates.

Is it necessary to state in advance what date will take the test?
No, is not necessary.

Where are the exams conducted?
The exams are held in the halls of the faculty of the University, according to the schedule.

How is the exam of a discipline conducted?
Examinations are provided face to face, in writing form, in order, defined from the teacher.

What do compulsory, elective and optional subjects mean?

According to a regulation on the state requirements for acquiring higher education in the educational degrees "Bachelor" and"Master":

The training in each specialty is carried out in the academic curriculum that includes compulsory, elective and optional subjects:
• Compulsory courses provide fundamental training in their chosen specialty profiled by professional field.
• Elective courses provide specific knowledge and competences in the field of specialty.
• Optional disciplines allow for acquiring knowledge and skills in various scientific fields in accordance with the interests of the students.

Why should I choose elective and optional subjects?
For each semester in the academic curriculum there is definite number of elective and optional subjects from which students must choose one or more (depending on the number of credits that carry compulsory subjects) by sending an application to the system administrator. The elective and optional subjects have a certain number of credits that are required to reach the minimum number of credits per semester. The credit, which carries each discipline, as well as the total number of credits per semester are reflected in the relevant curriculum.

Are the exams paid?
No. The regular, supplementary and the one additional session are not paid.

Who do I contact for questions related to my student status?
All questions related to student status (interruption of studies, semesters merge, individual training plan, etc.) should be referred to the inspector of the respective faculty.

Who do I contact for questions related to educational content (lectures, lecture conspectus, additional materials, etc)?
All questions related to the educational content of the specific disciplines should be referred to the teacher.

Who do I contact for problems with the system of distance learning?
All problems in using the system for distance learning: denied access to the system, system failure, corrupted e-mail and others should be assigned to developers or promoters in the Center for Educational Technologies.

Who do I contact for individual protocol for exam?
Individual protocol should be issued in the working day of the inspector's office, after filling out a personal form.

What to do if any of the pages of a distance education system does not open?
The distance training system is constantly updated that is why it is possible suspension of access to some of its pages. When this problem occurs, you can take the following actions:

1. Click the Refresh button on your browser (or key F5).
2. Clear the browser cache again and click the Refresh button on your browser or key F5. (see How to clear browser cache?)
3. Send an e-mail with a description of the error: programmers@cet-vtu.com.
4. Call tel. 00359 62 618 340.

How to clean the browser cache memory?

 Internet explorer:

1.      From menu Tools choose  Internet options

2. In the new window of Internet options press the button Delete Cookies, and then Clear History button and finally OK;

3. Press the Refresh button or F5.

For Mozilla Firefox:

  1. From menu Tools choose Option

  1.  In the new window, go to the Options tab Privacy, where at interjected check on prior request (Ask me before clearing private data) browser push button Clear Now.

  1. In the new window Clear Private Data, check Browsing History, Cache, Cookies and push the button Clear Private Data Now


4. Press the OK button in the window Options.
5. Press the Refresh button on your browser or key F5.

Why I cannot log in with the username and password in the system of distance learning?
The system differs uppercase and lowercase letters. Enter your name and password. Check if entered account is in Cyrillic alphabet and whether or not pressed CapsLock.

What do I do if I forget my password?
Call the phones at the Center for Educational Technologies.

Why the e-mail messages sent to a teacher, inspector or employee are returned?
E-mail addresses must be written exactly as they are provided to you in compliance with the uppercase and lowercase letters.

How to set up Microsoft Outlook or Microsoft Outlook Express to work with m e-mail?
1. To configure mail-client, click HERE.
2. In order the sent e-mail to be compatible with the standard Webmail of the system for distance learning it is necessary to make the following settings of the respective mail client: Options for work with Cyrillic.